A utility that delete your old tweets and favourites and turns you into a social media hermit.

Twitter Hermit

Become a social media hermit. A Twitter utility that deletes old tweets, retweets and favourites.


You must ensure your Twitter OAuth credentials are available as environment variables: TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY, TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET, TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN and TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET

Download the latest release and ensure the binary is available on your $PATH and then run it with the required --max-age argument:

twitter-hermit --max-age="-1month"

The --max-age=[duration] argument determines how old tweets have to be before they'll be deleted. This string is parsed using the tparse package, and some examples include: -1day, -2weeks, -3months and -4years. You can find more details on the format here: https://github.com/karrick/tparse#addduration

twitter-hermit --max-age="-1month"

You can also perform a dry run with the --dry-run flag which will only show a summary of the tweets, retweets and favourites it would delete:

twitter-hermit --max-age="-1month" --dry-run

If you don't care about the summary you can use the --silent flag to suppress any output (this does not work in dry run mode):

twitter-hermit --max-age="-1month" --silent

Hermit can also save JSON, media and links from any tweets into a file before it deletes them with the --save-dir=[dir] argument, and the --save-json, --save-media and --save-links flags:

twitter-hermit --max-age="-1month" --save-dir=./tweets --save-json --save-media --save-links

For convience a env.sh.sample file is provided. You should rename this to env.sh, enter your credentials into it, specify your preferred flags, and then run it: ./env.sh


This project was loosely inspired by several existing projects. I highly recommend checking them out, they're amazing: