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I'm the maintainer of the Phel Language (https://phel-lang.org/). A functional programming language that compiles to PHP. Will this be a good addition to this list or is this out of scope? What will be a good section to add this?

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Suggestion for the category Office:
Single file PHP libraries for reading and writing Excel files


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SARIF (Static Analysis Results Interchange Format) is an OASIS Standard that defines an output file format. The SARIF standard is used to streamline how static analysis tools share their results by implementing a subset of the SARIF 2.1.0 JSON schema.

I'd like to propose my full implementation of SARIF v2.1.0 with the bartlett/sarif-php-sdk package already available on packagist

If you're agree to accept this request, I'd like to know what is the better section where to add this new reference ?


I didn't found the best micro framework for PHP FatFreeFramework https://fatfreeframework.com/
please add it to the list.

add codeigniter to frameworks

Is there a minimum amount of stars, downloads overall, in last month to suggest an additional microframework?
Is "Self-promotion is frowned upon" always a no go or does it only set the bar higher?


  • Fully tested, 100% coverage incl. infection testing.
  • As minimal as i could go to fulfill the purpose.
  • Everything is replaceable.
  • Faster than any other PSR-15 framework (i found)

The reason why i only created a ticket, is, that if i can fulfill the criteria, but not yet, i at least know when its ok to create a PR.

Kirby is a flat-file CMS with an active community built around the core team that's been around for a couple years now (since 2012).

Kirby: the CMS that adapts to any project, loved by developers and editors alike

For more information, see the GitHub link above or its official homepage.

Thanks for maintaining this awesome list!


I've noticed that for a long time CodeIgniter has been left out from the Frameworks list. Why is it so?


Just want to know if the list contains free content with project based learning resources for self-learning students.

can you anybody tell me how we can submit multiple form throw one button and send it back end data base......through php