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Created at 3 days ago
Cambio de nombre y url

Hola equipo,

En esta pull request les informo que he cambiado el nombre de mi proyecto a suitetecsa-sdk-python.

Este cambio de nombre refleja mejor el enfoque y propósito del proyecto, y espero que sea más fácil de recordar y encontrar para los usuarios y colaboradores potenciales.

Agradezco cualquier comentario o sugerencia que puedan tener sobre este cambio de nombre o sobre cualquier aspecto del proyecto en general.

¡Gracias por su tiempo y consideración!

Created at 3 days ago

name change

Merge pull request #104 from lesclaz/name_change

Cambio de nombre y url

Created at 3 days ago
Created at 3 days ago
issue comment
[OptionsResolver] add ignoreUndefined() method to allow skip not interesting options

@kshtompel you can update the changelog in this file src/Symfony/Component/OptionsResolver/CHANGELOG.md

Created at 5 days ago

Merge pull request #8909 from greg0ire/fix-build

Fix build

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/2.9.x' into 2.10.x

Remove uneeded assertion

Merge pull request #8911 from greg0ire/2.10.x

Merge 2.9.x up into 2.10.x

Override getAssociationTargetClass phpdoc (#8907)

The upstream interface now allows null to be returned, but this implementation never returns null, and consumers are expecting it not to.

Merge pull request #8913 from doctrine/2.9.x-merge-up-into-2.10.x_GK8LNgB8

Merge release 2.9.4 into 2.10.x

Address Type deprecation messages

This makes us more compatible with DBAL v3. We didn't address Type::JSON_ARRAY because it has been removed

Merge pull request #8915 from basseta/address-type-deprecation

Address Type deprecation messages

Refactoring more tests

Fix PHP Unit deprecations and removed methods

Tidy up CS errors

Change assertion order to ensure query count is tested correctly

Merge pull request #8904 from carnage/refactoring-tests-backport

Refactoring more tests

Merge pull request #8895 from derrabus/bugfix/serializable

Implement __serialize() and __unserialize()

Check current class' discriminator map

A class can be in its own discriminator map, as described in the documentation example at https://www.doctrine-project.org/projects/doctrine-orm/en/2.9/reference/inheritance-mapping.html#single-table-inheritance Checking only the current class' discriminator map should be enough, since it is set to a copy of its parent's discriminator map earlier.

Fixes #8914

Add types to EM::wrapInTransaction()

Introduce 2.10 to readme

Merge pull request #8930 from doctrine/2.10-readme

Introduce 2.10 to readme

Merge pull request #8928 from simPod/wrap-types

Add types to EM::wrapInTransaction()

Reset Psalm baseline

Signed-off-by: Alexander M. Turek me@derrabus.de

Created at 6 days ago
issue comment
When using a backed enum, Doctrine always generates diff to change column type

Facing the same issue... It appears that the command is unable to detect the enum type when creating the schema for comparison (the one from the database). However, the schema from the metadata detects it correctly and stores this information in _customSchemaOptions['enumType']. As a result, the schemas do not match, and a difference always exists.

The question at hand is whether we should add enumType as a known column option in Doctrine\ORM\Tools\SchemaTool::KNOWN_COLUMN_OPTIONS to prevent this persistent difference.

Created at 6 days ago
issue comment
[Form] Improve exception for unsubmitted form

I think the new error message is better! Thanks for contributing to the project.

Created at 2 weeks ago
Created at 3 weeks ago
Created at 1 month ago
Created at 1 month ago
issue comment
[HttpKernel] Create `#[Serialize]` Attribute to serialize Controller Result

This test is failing https://github.com/symfony/symfony/actions/runs/4272061115/jobs/7436960556#step:7:8239

You probably have to add symfony/serializer as a dev dependency of the http-kernel component.

Created at 1 month ago
Created at 1 month ago