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IRC bot on PHP



update data

apply changes

update units stats

Created at 2 weeks ago

remove ryucon from score subpage

Add order number to answer table

add hikari theme

fix fatal error with reset single answer

add toggle show some columns in admin panel

revert old logging on backend

add column with answers before reset

Created at 1 month ago
Warning: strpos(): Empty needle in /wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/src/FileManager.php on line 376

Describe the bug

After update wordpress and plugin got access denied and warning, when I try to download any of file on wp on my webserver.

To Reproduce Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to {host}/download/970/ in webbrowser
  2. Got Access denied to this file

Expected behavior Starts downloading the file.

Screenshots image

Extensions installed and activated:

  • [ ] Advanced Access Manager
  • [ ] Amazon S3
  • [ ] Buttons
  • [ ] Captcha
  • [ ] CSV Exporter
  • [ ] CSV Importer
  • [ ] Downloading Page
  • [ ] Email lock
  • [ ] Email Notifications
  • [ ] Google Drive
  • [ ] Gravity Forms
  • [ ] Mailchimp
  • [ ] Ninja Forms
  • [ ] Page Addon
  • [ ] Terms & Conditions
  • [ ] Twitter Lock

Additional context

I tried to debug why I got that problem, and notice the changes from #888. In DLM_File_Manager::get_allowed_paths $abspath_sub is empty string instead of single /. Maybe (I'm not sure) untrailingslashit is removing too many trailing slashes.

Created at 1 month ago

fix typo for login page

Created at 1 month ago

change theme to basic

Created at 1 month ago

change theme to ryukon

Created at 2 months ago

refactor coloring

add animatsuri logo and color style

fix google warning

fix language issues

add some comments

disable logs

fix button events

add workaround fix for reconnect user

add logs

fix quick login after logout

add feature to remember last nicknames

Resize Logo

Created at 2 months ago
Reconnect event does not to be trigger

When I'm using vuex style to register all listeners, reconnect event is not recognized. If I'm using pure io.on it works correct.

My implementation:

import { io } from 'socket.io-client'

const socket = io()

export default socket
import VueSocketIO from 'vue-socket.io'
import store from '../store'
import socket from './socket'

const PREFIX = 'socket.'

const vueSocketIO = new VueSocketIO({
  debug: process.env.NODE_ENV === 'development',
  connection: socket,
  vuex: {
    actionPrefix: PREFIX,
    mutationPrefix: PREFIX,

I'm using socket.io 4.4.1 and vuex 3.6.2

Created at 2 months ago