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Missing "example" definitions

Hello, apologies first if this is an RTFM issue but I couldn't find anything regarding this topic.

So I have a POST endpoint that's currently accepting application/x-www-form-urlencoded parameters (I know, I know).

So for some other endpoint I looked at the example and this works just fine:

  operation :show_get,
    summary: "Get whatever from X via GET",
    parameters: [
      date_of_birth: [in: :query, type: :string, description: "date_of_birth", required: true, example: "1980-01-01"],
    request_body: [],

and in the swagger UI this shows up as it should:

date_of_birth *string(query) 
date_of_birth Example : 1983-07-01

Now when I use this:

  operation :show_post,
    summary: "Get whatever from X via POST",
    parameters: [],
    request_body: {"The request attributes", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded", FooRequest, required: true},
  defmodule FooRequest do
      title: "FooRequest",
      desription: "POST body for querying a Foo",
      type: :object,
      properties: %{
        date_of_birth: %Schema{type: :string, description: "date_of_birth"},
      required: [:date_of_birth],
      example: "date_of_birth=1980-01-01",

then SwaggerUI of course shows me the FooRequest (at the bottom of the page), including a little "example: date_of_birth=1980-01-01" - but in the upper "POST /api/foo" section it only looks like

Parameters: No parameters
Request body [required]

The request attributes:

date_of_birth *string required date_of_birth

But the examples aren't there, because of course you'd put them with the operation.

Disclaimer: I've not tested this yet with a proper JSON body, e.g.

      {"The user attributes", "application/json", Schemas.UserRequest, required: true},

(from )

and I know x-www-form-urlencoded is a bit of an edge case, but is this just mostly working by accident or am I not finding the correct syntax to get the examples into the request attributes section?

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Leiningen Homebrew 2.9.10 Upgrade Failing

Describe the bug Upgrading Leiningen from 2.9.9 to 2.9.10 is failing for me via Homebrew consistently for the same reason for over a month. Based on the log it seems to be due to the manifest file.

To Reproduce Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Type brew upgrade with Leiningen already installed via Homebrew

Actual behavior Leiningen upgrade fails due invalid JSON according to the Homebrew log

Expected behavior Expect Leiningen to be upgraded to 2.9.10


==> Downloading
Already downloaded: /Users/dave/Library/Caches/Homebrew/downloads/51707dfc77a2764e382a0f368a23ed00abebea72caae6af5c3917f57516465db--leiningen-2.9.10.bottle_manifest.json
Error: leiningen: Failed to download resource "leiningen_bottle_manifest"
The downloaded GitHub Packages manifest was corrupted or modified (it is not valid JSON): 


  • macOS 12.6
  • Upgrading Leiningen 2.9.9 to 2.9.10 via latest Homebrew

Additional context Never had trouble upgrading Leiningen using Homebrew before but this specific upgrade has been consistently failing with the same log output for a month now.

Created at 2 weeks ago
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Leiningen Homebrew 2.9.10 Upgrade Failing

Hello, that issue should be filed with homebrew (probably one of the repos here: ) as none of the lein developers use OSX (afaik) and we don't package lein for brew, unfortunately I also don't know who wrote that manifest.

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Move to codeberg

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Move to codeberg

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Moving the repository to a new host

As discussed on IRC we will make and "unofficial" and I will keep maintaining them in a different namespace, seeing as I've been the only main contributor there in years.

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Moving the repository to a new host

Re: the bylaws for a German eV like codeberg is: afaik as a member you have a good chance of getting to see the finances anyway and you probably can demand to see them if not. Then again I'm not sure how many expenses they really have or if it's basically easily enough to get hosting...

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Moving the repository to a new host

slightly related, what about the projects in - just asking because of namespacing, should we reserve an "org name" there? do they have that?

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Moving the repository to a new host

No hard preference, but codeberg sounds good - although I don't have a lot of experience with it, only made a personal account this week.

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