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Sou iniciante nessa área de programação e recentemente estou pesquisando/aprendendo sobre JavaScript/CSS/HTML, porém recentemente estou tendo um grande problema em um cod que era parar ser uma calculadora (bem básico, eu sei), porém o resultado simplesmente não sai e eu não encontro onde errei.

The "i" of the for loop can be initialized with the value 2

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code in line 7

The algomation visualization website is expired, It's now come be a gambling website

Hello, I've been programming for about 7 years now, I stopped but now I want to go back more than 0 and learn everything again more on the SQL side, where should I start?

I want to translate the code to my language through the comments

Hi, can I add a Malay version for README?

setLeft(node) {
    // Reset parent for left node since it is going to be detached.
    if (this.left) {
      this.left.parent = null;

    // Attach new node to the left.
    this.left = node;

    // Make current node to be a parent for new left one.
    if (this.left) {
      this.left.parent = this;

    return this;

I think this

 if (this.left) {
      this.left.parent = null;

portion of the code is redundant. Since we are assigning this.left = node, the previous node is going to be garbage collected and we don't need to explicitly assign this.left.parent = null.
Correct me If I'm wrong.

2165 verbose stack TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'pickAlgorithm')
2165 verbose stack at Integrity.match (D:\nvm\v16.14.0\node_modules\npm\node_modules\ssri\index.js:234:24)
2165 verbose stack at CachePolicy.satisfies (D:\nvm\v16.14.0\node_modules\npm\node_modules\make-fetch-happen\lib\cache\policy.js:113:49)
2165 verbose stack at Function.find (D:\nvm\v16.14.0\node_modules\npm\node_modules\make-fetch-happen\lib\cache\entry.js:172:25)
2165 verbose stack at async cacheFetch (D:\nvm\v16.14.0\node_modules\npm\node_modules\make-fetch-happen\lib\cache\index.js:8:17)
2165 verbose stack at async fetch (D:\nvm\v16.14.0\node_modules\npm\node_modules\make-fetch-happen\lib\fetch.js:82:7)
2166 verbose cwd D:\javascript-algorithms\javascript-algorithms-master
2167 verbose Windows_NT 10.0.19044
2168 verbose argv "D:\nodejs\node.exe" "D:\nodejs\node_modules\npm\bin\npm-cli.js" "install"
2169 verbose node v16.14.0
2170 verbose npm v8.3.1
2171 error Cannot read properties of null (reading 'pickAlgorithm')
2172 verbose exit 1
2173 timing npm Completed in 35872ms
2174 verbose unfinished npm timer reify 1667460098750
2175 verbose unfinished npm timer reify:unpack 1667460115749
2176 verbose unfinished npm timer reifyNode:node_modules/pirates 1667460115774
2177 verbose unfinished npm timer reifyNode:node_modules/jsdom 1667460115784
2178 verbose unfinished npm timer reifyNode:node_modules/eslint-plugin-react 1667460115821
2179 verbose code 1

I've tried to install many times, and it occured this problem everytime. But last night when I ran npm install on my friend's laptop(the node version is same to mine), it could install successfully, so weird😂
Hoping to get some help🙏


I'm facing "src\data-structures\queue\README.md
1:1 error Parsing error: Unexpected character '#' " error.
I'm on the windows platform and tried to ignore .md files adding
"eslintIgnore" : ["**/*.md"],
} propety to eslintIgnore file. am still facing the same issue. How to resolve this?


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