Fix tests failing because of missing Errorf() arg

Use config vars instead of hardcoded timeouts

6 seconds is not enough when Kafka Connect has A LOT of connectors

Use camel case for the options

Merge pull request #362 from tony2001/fix_tests

Fix tests failing because of missing Errorf() arg

Move new options down and remove contants

.. as per code review comments

Add examples and options descriptions

also fix typo in the default connect timeout value

small cleanup

Merge branch 'master' of

Rebrand login page to Redpanda

Merge pull request #363 from tony2001/fix_hardcoded_timeouts_v2

Use config vars instead of hardcoded timeouts

Merge pull request #366 from yougotashovel/rebrand-login-page

Rebrand login page to Redpanda

fix: settings are now properly synchronized across tabs/windows. (previously tabs overwrote each others settings)

fix: allow adding back config values to the statistics-bar at the top (from the topic-config page)

improvement: new ui controls making it easier to set topic retention time and size ( ), fix: create topic was not submitting values when they were changed from their default values;

improvement: In the Produce Message dialog, the editor will switch to json language mode (highlingting syntax issues etc) when the selected format is 'json'

fix: allow producing records to mulltiple topics at the same time

fix: when kowl sorts the preview fields for display, it will now take the user-defined order into account. User order has highest priority, and if one tag yields multiple results, the results are first sorted by their path length (shorter paths first), and then by their alphabetical order.

add redpanda images

add kumbh font

update visual style to better match redpanda cloud

Created at 2 months ago