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Cloudflare 524 timeout on web/export/csv

@tobsn We are encountering the same issue with Cloudflare. Did you come up with a solution?

three options:

a) pick better developers (who know database design and don't just make up tables on the fly used for core modules) b) I personally, for me, solved this after the owner of the company demanded speed and work loads that are incompatible with the "cheapest indian dev shop possible" approach and after the 5th time of being harassed on the phone for "why things are broken", which was only his fault, I told him to go fuck himself and find someone else he can blame for his shortsightedness and deranged concept of how to run a company c) don't use ODOO, rather use established managed systems like shopify and other services or write apps for it - in the long run it comes out the same or cheaper considering even cheap devs will pile up cost very, very quickly

consider a shopify dev can dev in anything, odoo you need SQL and python and a dev who knows those two very well AND ODOO on top - good luck!

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