🐢 A collection of awesome browser-side JavaScript libraries, resources and shiny things.

I've only browsed a few sections, but immediately I am overwhelmed with:

  • Libraries nobody uses (less than 20 stars) [example]
  • Libraries not maintained for 3+ years [example] [example] [example] [example]
  • jQuery everything (and this isn't even exhaustive; there are unmarked jQuery libraries lying in wait) – jQuery is antiquated technology, if I see jQuery anywhere I immediately drop it off a cliff.


For this list to be remotely useful in 2021, it needs a thorough clean out of antiquated and unmaintained clutter.


can you add : https://github.com/caiiiycuk/js-dos


Hi Community,

I think it's time to start discussing what are criteria to describe a project as awesome. Top ones that I can think of are;

  • At least 90% JavaScript/TypeScript/CoffeeScript
  • At least couple of hundred/thousand stars, or any other metric to show its popularity
  • Recent activity
  • Good documentation/examples

After deciding some or all of these, I'm planning to put them in contribution docs and in pull request templates as pre-requisite, and hopefully prevent unpopular/inactive projects ending up here. After that, I'm also planning to cleanup the existing ones, if they're not matching with these criteria here.


I find that Snowpack deserves to be on the bunderls list, I think it fits requirements on #731.

In this list I noticed that plotly was mentioned as a commercial visualization offering, however, I think it's worth noting that plotly.js is completely open source. (It also happens to be my tool of choice, though I am in no way affiliated with the company.)

I found few unmaintained parallax libraries:
stellar, skrollr.

Consider adding rellax instead.

can someone add this kind of libraries if they know the best ones? I came here to find one but didn't find any :/
JSPath, JSONPath etc

here's StackOverflow thread: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8481380/is-there-a-json-equivalent-of-xquery-xpath

The site has been down for a year or more and the project looks abandoned.

I understand from the gecko this is a list of browser-side libraries and shiny things. But this javascript list, for me anyways. Is my go-to list for information about JS. I think it's a miss if we do not include server-side javascript frameworks.

Hi @sorrycc . My name is Bohdan and I am studying problems of reading code.
I just finished working on the first version of "codecrumbs"- visual tool for learning a codebase by putting breadcrumbs in a source code.
Check out https://github.com/Bogdan-Lyashenko/codecrumbs repo, it might be quite useful while digging into big codebase.

Can you consider adding it to the list? Please let me know if I can create a PR. Thanks 🙂

If I were to submit a PR to add Nano ID to the list what category would it belong in?

Add collections.js to https://github.com/sorrycc/awesome-javascript#data-structure.

collections.js is a JavaScript implementations of common collections, with many useful features.

@gokaygurcan please add the following tags to this repo: awesome awesome-list so it can easily appear in the GitHub search results for the Awesome repositories: https://github.com/topics/awesome

Meaning Parser Generators / Combinators / others ?