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Issue with using single days

Hi @icuzz96 in the case that you are still having the problem, you need to wrap single days into an array.

const events = [{
  message: "Sunday test",
  days: [days.SUNDAY],
  hours: 14,
  minutes: 30,
  seconds: 0,

Note the brackets ([]) in the days prop.

Created at 6 days ago
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Issue with using single days

@icuzz96 Sorry for the late replay. Will check what could be happening.

Created at 1 week ago
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AWS events httpApi authorizer: removing existing event authorizer does not remove it from API Gateway

Hello! Same here.

Removing this 👇🏼 from the serverless.ts does not actually removes it from the API Gateway.

authorizer: {
  name: 'JWTAuthorizer',
Created at 3 weeks ago
Created at 1 month ago
create branch
sk8Guerra create branch feature/new-event-types
Created at 1 month ago
Created at 1 month ago