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Created at 3 days ago
issue comment
8294359: Interpreter(AArch64) intrinsify Thread.currentThread()

Thanks for your review!

I think the GHA failure is due to the network issue, not related to this PR. /integrate

Created at 3 days ago
pull request opened
8294359: Interpreter(AArch64) intrinsify Thread.currentThread()

JDK-8278793 supported Thread.currentThread() intrinsification for interpreter(x64) part so as to get JVM startup benefit.

In this patch, we implement the AArch64 part.

Testings: tier1~3 and jdk_loom passed on Linux/AArch64.

Created at 4 days ago
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Created at 4 days ago
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Created at 5 days ago
issue comment
8293887: AArch64 build failure with GCC 12 due to maybe-uninitialized warning in libfdlibm k_rem_pio2.c

Thanks for your review! /integrate

Created at 5 days ago

8293995: Problem list sun/tools/jstatd/ on all platforms because of 8293577

Reviewed-by: clanger

8292376: A few Swing methods use inheritDoc on exceptions which are not inherited

Reviewed-by: prr, tr

8255670: Improve C2's detection of modified nodes

Reviewed-by: kvn, thartmann, roland

8292044: HttpClient doesn't handle 102 or 103 properly

Reviewed-by: dfuchs, chegar, michaelm

8292296: Use multiple threads to process ParallelGC deferred updates

Reviewed-by: tschatzl, ayang

8294087: RISC-V: RVC: Fix a potential alignment issue and add more alignment assertions for the patchable calls/nops

Reviewed-by: shade, fjiang, fyang

8294003: Don't handle si_addr == 0 && si_code == SI_KERNEL SIGSEGVs

Reviewed-by: dholmes, shade, dlong

8254711: Add JFR Event

Reviewed-by: mullan, valeriep, jpai

8292756: java.lang.AssertionError at at jdk.compiler/$ScopeImpl.leave(

Reviewed-by: vromero

8294190: Incorrect check messages in SharedRuntime::generate_uncommon_trap_blob

Reviewed-by: thartmann, dlong

8294197: Zero: JVM_handle_linux_signal should not assume deopt NOPs

Reviewed-by: coleenp

8293331: Refactor FileDispatcherImpl into operating system-specific components

Reviewed-by: alanb

8294037: Using alias template to unify hashtables in AsyncLogWriter

Reviewed-by: coleenp, simonis

8294075: gtest/AsyncLogGtest crashes with SEGV

Reviewed-by: dholmes, shade

8292328: test instruction for show popup on JLabel did not specify shift key

Reviewed-by: serb, aivanov

8294183: AArch64: Wrong macro check in SharedRuntime::generate_deopt_blob

Reviewed-by: dlong, shade

8290910: Wrong memory state is picked in SuperWord::co_locate_pack()

Reviewed-by: chagedorn, kvn

8293657: sun/management/jmxremote/bootstrap/ failed with "SSLHandshakeException: Remote host terminated the handshake"

Reviewed-by: kevinw, dfuchs

8292602: ZGC: C2 late barrier analysis uses invalid dominator information

Co-authored-by: Nils Eliasson Reviewed-by: kvn, thartmann

8293532: Use lighter jmod compression levels in build config

Reviewed-by: ihse

Created at 6 days ago
issue comment
8294281: Allow warnings to be disabled on a per-file basis

I think this looks good, but could you provide an example of how this would be used in the bug?

Hi, shows an example.

Created at 6 days ago
pull request opened
8293887: AArch64 build failure with GCC 12 due to maybe-uninitialized warning in libfdlibm k_rem_pio2.c

This warning seems to be a false positive, because 1) array "fq" with elements from index 0 to "jz" has already been initialized as "fw" at line 290 [1], and 2) variable "jz" should be non-negative from the comment at line 99 [2].

Note-1: GCC warning option -Wmaybe-uninitialized is not a new one. Note-2: x86-64 build with GCC 12 on Ubuntu 22.04 passed in my local test.

This warning is raised only on GCC 12 + AArch64. I suspect it might be some GCC 12 bug, so I reported it to GCC community [3].

Since it involves third party code, I think it's better to suppress the warning by simply disabling this warning option in the makefile.

Testing: Release builds with GCC 9, GCC 11 and GCC 12 passed on Ubuntu 22.04/AArch64 system.

[1] [2] [3]

Created at 1 week ago
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shqking create branch 8293887-gcc12-fdlibm
Created at 1 week ago

8282434: Leading combining diacritic character in string renders incorrectly

Reviewed-by: vromero

8293353: [BACKOUT] G1: Remove redundant is-marking-active checks in C1 barrier

Reviewed-by: kbarrett, mdoerr, tschatzl

8247283: Enable the new conformant preprocessor option in Visual Studio

Reviewed-by: erikj, djelinski

8293361: GHA: dump config.log in case of configure failure

Reviewed-by: shade

8290561: Coalesce incubator-module warnings for single-file source-code programs

Reviewed-by: mcimadamore

8293340: Remove unused _code in {Zero,Template}InterpreterGenerator

Reviewed-by: jiefu, shade

8287912: GTK L&F : Background of tree icons are red

Reviewed-by: psadhukhan, jdv

8293213: G1: Remove redundant assertion in G1RemSet::clean_card_before_refine

Reviewed-by: tschatzl, kbarrett

8291725: Leftover marks when VM shutdown aborts bitmap clearing make mixed gc fail

Reviewed-by: iwalulya, ayang

8291736: find_method_handle_intrinsic leaks Method*

Reviewed-by: hseigel, iklam, dholmes

8293403: JfrResolution::on_jvmci_resolution crashes when caller is null

Reviewed-by: never

8292579: (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2022c

Reviewed-by: naoto, alanb

8283929: GHA: Add RISC-V build config

Reviewed-by: ihse, shade

8264744: (fs) Use file cloning in Linux version of Files::copy method

Reviewed-by: alanb

8293245: x86_64: Extract Adler32 stub implementation into stubGenerator_x86_64_adler.cpp

Reviewed-by: kvn, dlong

8293254: x86_64: Extract arraycopy stub implementations into a separate file

Reviewed-by: dlong, kvn

8293285: x86_64: Move libm stub implementations to StubGenerator

Reviewed-by: kvn

8293445: clhsdb "thread" command gives incorrect error message for bad threadID

Reviewed-by: dcubed

8293326: jdk/sun/security/tools/jarsigner/compatibility/ slow on Windows

Reviewed-by: weijun, wetmore

8293197: Avoid double racy reads from non-volatile fields in SharedSecrets

Reviewed-by: alanb

Created at 2 weeks ago
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shqking delete branch 8290169-adlc
Created at 2 weeks ago
issue comment
8290169: adlc: Improve child constraints for vector unary operations

@TobiHartmann Thanks for your testing.


Created at 2 weeks ago
issue comment
8290169: adlc: Improve child constraints for vector unary operations

@TobiHartmann Thanks for your comment.

As some shared code, i.e. share/adlc, gets changed in this patch, I think it would be better for this patch to pass the Oracle CI tests. I wonder if you could help to launch the test? Thanks.

Created at 2 weeks ago

8291775: C2: assert(r != __null && r->is_Region()) failed: this phi must have a region

Reviewed-by: thartmann, kvn

8289051: C2: Cleanup PhaseCCP::analyze()

Reviewed-by: thartmann, kvn

8289334: Use CSS variables to define fonts and colors

Reviewed-by: jjg

8292556: Clean up unused Hashtable instantiations

Reviewed-by: hseigel, dholmes

8292544: G1: Remove virtual specifier for methods in G1EdenRegions and G1SurvivorRegions

Reviewed-by: lkorinth, tschatzl

8292498: java/lang/invoke/lambda/ failed with "AssertionError: only show error once expected [1] but found [0]"

Reviewed-by: psandoz, mchung, jpai, rriggs

8292488: JFR: Incorrect comment in ActiveRecordingEvent

Reviewed-by: egahlin

8292315: Tests should not rely on specific JAR file names (hotspot)

Reviewed-by: vromero

8292608: [AIX] Broken build after 8291945

Reviewed-by: shade

8288121: [JVMCI] Re-export the TerminatingThreadLocal functionality to the graal compiler.

Reviewed-by: dnsimon, never

8236048: Cleanup use of Utils.normalizeNewlines

Reviewed-by: hannesw

8292632: compiler/sharedstubs/ fails with "Error: VM option 'PrintRelocations' is develop and is available only in debug version of VM."

Reviewed-by: dholmes

6587699: Document DigestInputStream behavior when skip() or mark() / reset() is used

Reviewed-by: wetmore

8292633: runtime/cds/appcds/dynamicArchive/ fails to compile

Reviewed-by: dcubed, dholmes

8292458: Atomic operations on scoped enums don't build with clang

Reviewed-by: eosterlund, stefank

8292499: CDS fails: object points to a static field that may be reinitialized

Reviewed-by: dholmes, ccheung

8292312: Work around memset() called operator new

Reviewed-by: dcubed

8292606: G1 and Epsilon header cleanup for JDK-8282729

Reviewed-by: ayang, shade, tschatzl

8292607: Remove unused dirty and dirty_card_range_after_reset in CardTable

Reviewed-by: tschatzl

8289562: Change and URL's to https

Co-authored-by: Joe Cherian Reviewed-by: prr, jjg, naoto, iris

Created at 2 weeks ago
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shqking delete branch 8292587-fabd
Created at 2 weeks ago
issue comment
8292587: AArch64: Support SVE fabd instruction

Thanks for your code reviews, @nick-arm @nsjian and @fg1417 . Thanks for your testing, @TobiHartmann !

I don't think the GHA test failure is related to this patch. Hence, I suppose we can integrate this PR now.


Created at 2 weeks ago
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shqking delete branch my-test
Created at 3 weeks ago