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comparison instead of comparaison.

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First draft for getting-started page

I have a general remark on the fact that we never explain to the user that everything is based on a specification (generated API schema). That is not explicit that the documentation must be written before beginning with bump. Yesterday I discussed with a developper that discovered completely the product, and he kept saying "but how do you spot that I changed the code of my API and it it needs more or less documentation?". He really didn't see the how the diff could be displayed.

I don't know if this insight should be taken into account for this iteration.

To sum up:

  1. The how it actually work to spot the "changes" between two deploys is not clear.
  2. As a new comer to the documentation , I don't see right away how it looks and where I can see the diff in the app without actually figure it out myself.
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