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Where to alert webmasters about comments?


A few days ago I wrote a comment for the docs, but in checking and double checking things, I ended up with a few pages open at once and I went and submitted the comment to the wrong page.

The comment is here on the strpos page:

I meant to submit it to the strstr page instead. 🙁

I see no way to edit/flag/delete the comment from the front end, and no way to contact any admin people who could deal with this. So here I am asking/suggesting someone with access to the back end move that over, if possible? Or delete and I'll resubmit?

Sorry for such a niggling issue. Thanks for the phenomenal docs!


Created at 1 month ago
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Where to alert webmasters about comments?

I have edited the note to point to the strstr() page. The change should be reflected on the website within an hour or two.


Created at 1 month ago
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Making each PHP version incompatible with the previous version is irrational

From manual page:

--- Making each version incompatible with the previous version serves no practical purpose. Internal consistency in the background, of PHP, or whatever reasoning you are using to justify breaking backward compatibility is irrational and detrimental to the entire globe. If you don't see that you are irrational and should not be allowed to make those decisions.

Created at 2 months ago
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Improve sidebar menu contrast to fix accessibility issues

There are some more places with links that are magenta-on-hover on dark backgrounds, including but not limited to:

  • The breadcrumbs and prev/next section at the top of manual pages
  • The "aside" sidebar on non-manual pages (e.g. the website home page)

Also, it may make more sense to refactor the approach. In the medium theme, there is the concept of "background" (i.e. on the dark background, which is also the default) and "content" (i.e. on the light background) colours: maybe instead make changes for those broader areas rather than on individual components.

Created at 2 months ago
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Mailing lists: Messages sent to list bouncing with "error fetching DNS record"

I don't have any access to lists/mail infra. and I'm not sure if the others that were ping do. This type of issue would be best escalated via the email and also cc. Sascha ( account is "sas") as AFAIK he's still a good contact for mail issues.

Created at 2 months ago