Apache License 2.0

Reference Implementation for the Usage of Google Cloud WebRisk APIs (Beta)

The webrisk Go package can be used with the Google Cloud WebRisk APIs (Beta) to access the Google Cloud WebRisk lists of unsafe web resources. Inside the cmd sub-directory, you can find two programs: wrlookup and wrserver. The wrserver program creates a proxy local server to check URLs and a URL redirector to redirect users to a warning page for unsafe URLs. The wrlookup program is a command line service that can also be used to check URLs.

This README.md is a quickstart guide on how to build, deploy, and use the WebRisk Go package. It can be used out-of-the-box. The GoDoc and API documentation provide more details on fine tuning the parameters if desired.

How to Build

To download and install from the source, run the following command:

go get github.com/google/webrisk

The programs below execute from your $GOPATH/bin folder. Add that to your $PATH for convenience:

export PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin

The program expects an API key as a parameter, export it with the following command for later use:

export APIKEY=Your Api Key

Proxy Server

The wrserver server binary runs a WebRisk API lookup proxy that allows users to check URLs via a simple JSON API.

  1. Once the Go environment is setup, run the following command with your API key:

    go get github.com/google/webrisk/cmd/wrserver
    wrserver -apikey $APIKEY

    With the default settings this will start a local server at

  2. The server also uses an URL redirector (listening on /r) to show an interstitial for anything marked unsafe.
    If the URL is safe, the client is automatically redirected to the target. Else, an interstitial warning page is shown as recommended by Web Risk.
    Try these URLs:
  3. The server also has a lightweight implementation of the API v4 threatMatches endpoint.
    To use the local proxy server to check a URL, send a POST request to with the following JSON body:


Command-Line Lookup

The wrlookup command-line binary is another example of how the Go Safe Browsing library can be used to protect users from unsafe URLs. This command-line tool filters unsafe URLs piped via STDIN. Example usage:

$ go get github.com/google/webrisk/cmd/wrlookup
$ echo "http://testsafebrowsing.appspot.com/apiv4/ANY_PLATFORM/MALWARE/URL/" | wrlookup -apikey=$APIKEY

WebRisk System Test

To perform an end-to-end test on the package with the WebRisk backend, run the following command after exporting your API key:

go test github.com/google/webrisk -v -run TestWebriskClient