Remove deprecated arguments only used in test

Remove tests causing more trouble than they're worth

Split string in two strings and concatenation

Introduce local variable

Extract common parts from if statement

Simplify 'if'

Merge concatenated string into sprintf call

Format sprintf call

Apply fixes from StyleCI

Merge pull request #892 from hydephp/cherry-pick-base-command-changes-from-publications-feature

Cherry pick base command changes from publications feature


Remove .gitattribute entries from hyde/hyde for files that do not exist

Export ignore hyde/hyde license and security documents

Merge pull request #893 from hydephp/update-export-ignore-attributes

Update export-ignore Git attributes in the Hyde/Hyde package

Update code comment for function that somehow has seen a massive performance boost

Create new method to convert Markdown to plain text

Ported from

Strip tags

Fall back to current variable value if regex fails

Remove horizontal rules

Strip fenced end tags

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