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[4.x]: Default table values not displaying in a global

What happened?


I'm new to Craft so hopefully I'm not just missing something: I set up my first global, and created a table field for it. I defined default values for the table field, which has worked in other entry types, but the default values don't show up in the global.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a table field (the native version) with some default values. (I have 7 rows predefined.)
  2. Assign it to a global
  3. Edit the global

Expected behavior

The default values to appear.

Actual behavior

They do not appear.

Craft CMS version

PHP version


Operating system and version

Mac OS 13.0 Beta (22A5321d)

Database type and version

MySQL 5.7.34

Image driver and version

No response

Installed plugins and versions

Created at 1 month ago
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Pre-populate fields

Here to thumbs up this suggestion — default values would be amazing.

Created at 1 month ago
Unexplained errors with fluid grids & file fields, can't save entries

It looks like it works! Phew!

Created at 1 month ago
Unexplained errors with fluid grids & file fields, can't save entries

I won’t be able to test until next week, but I’ll let you know. Thanks!On Jul 26, 2022, at 3:13 PM, robinsowell @.***> wrote: Worst bug EVER! But Matt's fix killed it in my tests.

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Created at 2 months ago
Updating grid field with radio field. Nope.

I posted an issue that seems to be related to this here: #2145

As @jejuna sussed out, it's not related to the radio buttons, although when radio buttons (or another "grouped" field type) are involved, that's the only time you get any visual feedback, even though it's erroneous.

Created at 2 months ago
Unexplained errors with fluid grids & file fields, can't save entries

I've been getting an unspecified error when submitting entries, and I think I've nailed the problem down to an issue with fluid image grids.

  1. Create a new entry.
  2. In a fluid fieldtype, insert either a file grid field or a grid field with a file field in it. Make sure there's at least one row of content.
  3. Add another grid field. As far as I can tell the contents of this second grid field don't matter. Make sure there's at lease one row of content.
  4. The entry will save normally.
  5. Return to the entry and add a row to the first grid. Trying to save the entry will now result in an error.

There are no indications of what the error is within the fluid field. At the bottom of the fluid field is this:

I've noticed that if the second grid field has radio buttons, the radio buttons have a red border around them:

Interestingly, as I'm testing now, this field appeared with the red border around it. I never submitted the entry with this field in the fluid fieldtype, so I don't know why it has the error applied to it.

If you re-order the fields, so that the grid field with the file in it is no longer is position 1, the entry will save without an error, but if the grid field that is now in position 1 will start throwing errors when you add a row, if it has a file field in it.

EE 6.2.4 PHP 8.0.8

Created at 2 months ago
Hitting escape in the New Entry modal causes you to lose your inputs

At the least it should offer the same "data will be lost" warning as clearing away from the main edit form.

Created at 2 months ago