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A wrapper around the SimpleMDE editor for use in Ember CLI projects.


Exposes CKEditor via friendly Ember Components


Kevin boucher


Created at 6 days ago
pull request closed
Kevin boucher

Pull request for Kevin Boucher's solution to the Smith & Carson hiring code exercise.


  • Upgrade Ember.js version to 3.28.4 (not upgrading to v4 in case IE 11 support is still required)
  • Run linters with --fix option (would like to change some of these rules)
  • Add SASS support via ember-cli-sass addon
  • Add ember-bootstrap addon
  • Upgrade ember-auto-import to support ember-bootstrap addon
  • Update router to make candidates the default route
  • Import Smith & Carson fonts from Google fonts API
  • Add base styles and layout elements and hide Candidates link
  • Add ember-intl addon for translations, update raw text in templates, convert candidates list to table and style Add new button
  • Update prettier tab size config (and apply)
  • Add ember-truth-helpers addon
  • Add Candidate route and form component
    • Add CandidatesCandidateRoute
    • Add CandidatesCandidateController
    • Add ApplicantFormComponent
    • Add Bootstrap form-control style overrides for invalid field treatment
    • Add ember-test-selectors addon
    • Remove CandidatesCandidateController#addNew action in favor of LinkTo detail route
    • Remove outlet from list view template
  • Ensure candidates list is refreshed after adding/updating a candidate
  • Update structure
  • Add whitespace to the bottom of the main layout container
  • Add POST route to Phalcon server index
  • Standardize invalid form field treatment (leverage Bootstrap is-invalid)
Created at 6 days ago
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