My C libraries and programs

These are my C libraries and programs.
The compilation requires the Makefiles project to be installed.
Because some library sources are in fact links to sources in the ada
project (ada/c) this project is required too. These sources are tagged (A).
Interesting directories are tagged (*).

boolean(A*)      : Boolean type definition
socket(A*)       : Socket (TCP/UDP/IPM) blocking or not
socket_evt(A)    : Socket with Fd declarations to wait_evt
timeval(A*)      : Operations on struct timeval
wait_evt(A*)     : Signal hadling and select on Fds
adjtime          : System time adjustment
dynlist(*)       : Generic dynamic list
get_line         : Get lines of text from file
mutex            : Pthread mutex
rusage           : Unix resource usage
sem_util         : Semaphore operations
sig_util         : Signal management
vt100            : Console emulator

16_unali         : 10 base to 16 base conversion
asc              : ASCII codes
ask              : Get answer and convert to lower/upper
byte_swapping    : Puts the bytes of a 32 bits integer
catlock          : Cat a file or text to a locked file
cirtail          : Circular file (of logs)
delay            : Wait a bit
delta_time       : Delta of system time between hosts
dos2unix         : Dos <-> Unix text conversion (CrLf <-> Lf)
dt               : Timeval seconds to date conversion
enquire          : Analyze number management of libc and math
forker           : Forks processes according to udp/tcp requests
formfeed         : Issue a formfeed character
fread_float      : Read a float at a given offset from a binary file
gettimeofdays    : Performance measurement of gettimeofday
gorgy            : Simulator of Gorgy clock (udp or serial)
html2ascii       : Remove html markers
init_so          : Test shared library initialization
ipm              : Send a message to an IPM address
ipx              : Integer representation of an IP address
locale           : Ascii table depending on current locale
localtime        : Display local time
mallocer         : Check malloc reentrance
man2file         : Convert a man file into text file
mu(*)            : Binary file editor
name_of          : Host <-> IP address resolver
pause            : Test pause system call
pcre             : Test pcre install and version
pcrypt           : Test crypt command
Poing            : UDP ping pong
putvar           : Getenv
semctl           : Semaphore control
shm              : List available shared memory addresses
status           : Dependancy status of files (like make)
substit          : String substitutions in files
svn_tree         : Analyse subversion tree (tags/branches)
synchro          : Hosts synchronization utilities
tcpdump          : Call tcpdump command and format its output
term             : Terminal emulator on serial line
time_spy         : Udp ping pong to check host time alignment
t_malloc         : Malloc tester
t_time           : Clock tick evaluation
udpspy(*)        : Catch and put UDP/IPM packets
udp_send         : Sent UDP packets
unlink           : Unkink (remove) a file