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fix: react when TableOfContents maxDepthOpenByDefault prop changes (#2201)

Co-authored-by: Heitor Tashiro Sergent

Chore/bump mosaic jsv (#2207)

  • chore: bump mosaic and jsv

  • v7.6.2

  • v1.8.2

  • v7.6.2

  • chore: bump elements-cre

fix: project sidebar does not show active page (#2206)

  • fix(elements-dev-portal): open group when sub-item is active

  • fix(elements-dev-portal): allow group collapse and highlight

  • chore(elements-dev-portal): bumped version

  • fix(elements-core): bumped version of elements-core

  • v1.8.2

  • fix(elements): bumped versions

  • fix(elements-core): scroll to active item

  • chore(elements): bumped version

Merge branch 'main' into remove-rtl

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Added tryIt credential policy to docs (#2171)

feat: bump fontawesome to v6 (#2186)

feat(elements-dev-portal): add compact option to NodeContent component (#2187)


  • Adds a layoutOptions.compact prop to Docs to control when Model is in single vs two column layout
  • Adds a copy button to Model examples


  • Adds a compact option to NodeContent to be passed down to the Docs component above
 * Provide a number to trigger compact mode when the component is within that pixel width,
 * or a boolean to enable or diable compact mode.
 * @default false
 * @example 600
compact?: number | boolean;

2022-07-01 17 45 18

docs: add contributing guide to toc (#2193)

Update codeowners (#2197)

Update codeowners to the elements-owners team

Update read me for merging into main (#2198)

Merge branch 'main' into remove-rtl

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