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Exit before processing a scheduled subscription payment for WCPay Subscriptions (#4790)

  • Exit before processing a recurring subscription payment for WCPay Subscriptions

  • Add changelog

  • Add unit test to ensure the scheduled_subscription_payment method is halted before payment

  • Fix tests which have failed because of get_subscriptions_for_renewal_order function call

Add bundle size check to PR's (#4637)

  • Add the bundle size check workflow

  • Update changelog

  • Use Node version of the project

  • Remove size check for .PHP and .tsx files

  • Ignore the vendor folder

  • Add npm cache

  • Remove composer install for testing

  • Revert removing the composer install from package.json

  • Add GH token

  • Use latest commit SHA for size check

  • Add GH token to secrets

  • Add name to the file change check step

  • Add name to the file change check step

  • Add name to the file change check

Co-authored-by: Foysal Ahmed fashuvo@MacBook-Pro.local Co-authored-by: Achyuth Ajoy achyuthajoy@gmail.com

Merge branch 'develop' into fix/4411-product-id-data-level3-error

Created at 5 days ago
Stripe Link: Remove beta headers for Stripe requests


Created at 6 days ago

Fix Order ID being displayed N/A

The Order # column in Payments > Transactions returns N/A even when an order ID is present. Issue is observed when the number of transactions fetched is greater than the posts_per_page setting. This fix adds the limit parameter to wc_get_orders to fix the issue.

Add timezone formatting only in case user timezone is supplied (#4761)

Changed the limit to count of charge_ids

Fixed linting issue

Stripe Link: Pre-fill first and last names on checkout (#4683)

Co-authored-by: Dan Paun dan.paun@automattic.com

Bump WC versions for 4.8.0 release (#4751)

  • Bump minimum required version of WC

  • Update L-2 support from GH workflows

  • Add changelog entry

  • Update minimum PHP version

  • Include WooCommerce 6.8.2 now 6.9.0 is out

Changelog updated.

Merge release/4.7.2 into trunk

Product version bump update

Merge trunk v4.7.2 into develop

Merge branch 'develop' into add/4514-remove-beta-headers

Created at 1 week ago