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Fix confusing test

Hey there, @samraul. Thanks for your contribution.

I don't feel this modification is needed since creating a new Star can be omitted in that step. Stars made in the previous test cases in that test suite can be used as a reference for validating their Name and Symbol.

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Confusing wording in test from task 2

Hi there, @samraul. Thanks for your concern; let me address your points below:

  1. The star symbol is required and can be available through 02 main strategies: Hardcoded value in all Stars created by your Smart Contract or receiving it as a variable in the Constructor.
  2. You are correct; you need to check against one created in previous steps. The students are free to create a new one if they wish to.
  3. They are properties available in all Stars created in your Smart Contract.
  4. As I disclaimed in point 1 above, it is not mandatory to be in the Constructor.
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