A Vim plugin that provides GraphQL file detection, syntax highlighting, and indentation.


Browser extension that strips Google Analytics (UTM) parameters, and various other click tracking tokens, from URL query strings


A comprehensive, fast, pure-Python memcached client.


Vestaboard client library for Python


Naming Convention checker for Python


Flake8 unittest assert method checker



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Spelling: "procede" => "proceed"
Created at 3 days ago

Spelling: "procede" => "proceed"

Created at 3 days ago
Created at 3 days ago

vim: add 'rebase' to the local dictionary

Created at 6 days ago

vim: save 'cpoptions' after directory check

The directory check will bail out with finish if it can't find a notes directory, which means &cpoptions wasn't being restored (by the end of the script).

Created at 6 days ago

bash: stop setting custom fzf colors

I switch between light and dark terminals more often these days, and these custom colors (which matched a vim color scheme) didn't work so well with light backgrounds.

The standard fzf defaults are fine.

Created at 6 days ago
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Simplify dictionary operations
  1. Populate full dictionaries rather than re-fetching nested objects and updating individual keys.
  2. When we already have a reference to the table we're about to update, use it directly rather than re-fetching the nested dictionary.
Created at 1 week ago
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Created at 1 week ago

git: introduce a 'base' alias

This prints the merge-base relative to the "main" branch. It's useful for showing the "base" commit for the current branch (i.e. the commit on which the branch is based).

Also, use the 'main' alias where master was previously assumed.

Created at 1 week ago

Optimize variable loading in eval

Ensure semantic recompilation cascades to path dependencies

Prior to this patch, path dependencies would not detect that dependencies changed, because only the parent lock file was modified, never the child one. This patch makes it so the parent configuration always cascades to non- fetchable dependencies.

closes #11818

Track dbg callback inside Mix projects

Add basic IEx dbg callback (#11984)

Show list opts when inspecting Regex (#11991)

Allow LINE to be set for tests

Use fetch_env! for timezone database

The config is defined in app env and therefore should always be set.

Share syntax colors between IEx and dbg (#11992)

Improve documentation and examples about modifiers (#11993)

Make sure release mode configuration cascades (#11990)

Closes #11815.

Update type spec and tests for Regex.opts

Support pipelines in the IEx.Pry dbg/2 backend (#11994)

Co-authored-by: José Valim

Fix @type for Regex, add doctest example (#11996)

Reenable formatters after disabled run

Bring back formatter pruning

Add CHANGELOG entry for dbg (#11998)

Co-authored-by: José Valim

Add @after_verify callback

@after_verify hooks are invoked right after the current module is verified for undefined functions, deprecations, etc. A module is always verified after it is compiled. In Mix projects, a module is also verified when any of its runtime dependencies change. Therefore this is useful to perform verification of the current module while avoiding compile-time dependencies.

Here are some sample use cases:

  • Ecto can use this validate associations consistently and effectively
  • Phoenix can use this to verify routes
  • Surface can use this to verify component attributes

Better docs for dbg/pry

Ensure IO.warn in @after_verify are stored

Fix link to typespecs page (#11999)

Created at 1 week ago
Created at 1 week ago