A personal project to learn how to create a custom, hierarchical timeline. This is the front end for my API project located here: https://github.com/jchue/disney-parks-api


Argon theme for webtrees 2, the online genealogy application


Open-source trip planner


Just another application to track watched movies and TV shows

A simple, self-hosted client for Miniflux

A simple Discord webhook for Heroku


Pedigree map

Hey guys, thanks for the input and the preemptive investigation. I'll admit, I probably didn't think it all the way through when I first designed this. But originally, I had just intended to apply the Argon spreadsheet for all the standard Bootstrap components, and then add additional styles for webtrees-specific elements.

Although this theme technically extends the Minimal theme in the PHP (I believe this is the only way to create a custom theme, but I might be wrong), I didn't intend for it to actually extend the Minimal theme (at least style-wise), since I didn't want to deal with overriding CSS; I just preferred to start with a blank slate.

But obviously the flaw of this approach has been revealing itself more lately: I didn't catch all the webtrees-specific styles.

That being said, I'm open to suggestions if you don't think this method is sustainable.

Lastly, sorry for the slow responses. I haven't been able to dedicate as much time to this project lately, but I certainly haven't abandoned it!

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Favourites module

Hi @HRN65, could you please show me a screenshot?

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