Player:onItemMoved event (#2474)

Add Docker image status badge

Fix unnecessary shoplist update (#2444)

shoplist shouldn't be updated within link_near or link_parent

SIMD auto-vectorization for XTEA (#2476)

Moved shared experience formula to Lua (#2478)

Co-authored-by: edumntg edumntg@gmail.com

Update premium time on each character login (#2453)

Fixes #2446

Fix AppVeyor artifact patterns (#2480)

Fixes #2479

Use switch to load items.xml (#2481)

Fix code style in items.cpp (#2484)

  • prevent crafted packets from inviting yourself to a party

  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

  • fix code style

  • ffs

Fix item->onRemoved call (#2488)

Fixes #2486

Downgrade processor optimization to AVX (previously AVX2)

This was changed previously from SSE2 to a too-modern AVX2. In order to prevent issues like #2495 and #2498, it is now being set to AVX.

Load RSA private key from PEM file (#2496)

  • Load RSA private key from PEM file

  • Add FindCrypto++ and install on CI

  • vcpkg: install cryptopp

  • Fix constness and static init

Remove dead code (#2511)

Add crypto++ to dockerfile (#2508)

Fix field attribute parsing in items.xml (#2510)

Fixes a bug introduced in 709fb3464a43865d6fc0d90206a6c2d4714fea09

No need to check if unsigned values are less than zero (#2505)

Fix inconsistent parameter names (#2504)

Add error message when failing to load RSA key (#2501)

Make AreaCombat::copyArea static (#2503)

Test Travis CI Coverity Scan

Created at 1 month ago
Created at 1 month ago

working test

tests v2

Created at 1 month ago

pablo/fix_scroll (#522)

  • not making unnecessary queries for scroll events and load-more if it does not appear the scroll-bar

  • maybe_add fn as a helper

  • js indentation and pattern matching of maybe_add fn

  • Rename js variables

  • using clientwidth instead of scrollwidth

  • change limit from one file

  • Use height instead of width for load-more function

  • mix format

  • Load-more if it is not overflowed

  • Update infinite-scroll

  • mix format

  • not using unnecesary variables in js

Pablo/graphql docs (#524)

  • save index.html

  • not making unnecessary queries for scroll events and load-more if it does not appear the scroll-bar

  • maybe_add fn as a helper

  • Add some docs for graphql

  • Update config.yml

  • Some changes

  • resolve conflicts

  • resolve more conflicts

  • fixes

get an invoice in graphql (#527)

Enrique/changes (#529)

  • design change

  • mix format

Align numbers to the right (#535)

add right margin for bottom buttons (#533)

Pablo/totals info (#532)

  • gross and net amounts info

  • Add totals info per currencies

  • fix test

  • make taxes_amounts and net_amounts queries when clicking

  • currencies are rendered in alphabetical order

  • table for totals_info

Pablo/docs (#538)

  • Some docs

  • add some docs

  • more docs

  • Add @moduledoc false and improve groups_for_modules option

  • more @moduledoc false

Pablo/redundant queries (#540)

  • add mount callback at search_component.ex

  • count and sum amounts in one query

  • delete count function

  • fix tests

  • mix dialyzer

Nurietzsche/mailers (#536)

  • Dependencia mail necesaria para Gmail

  • Eran apuntes míos

  • Configuración del correo dinámica

  • Siwapp.Mailer y dependencia eliminada

  • Dependencia eliminada

  • Pequeños cambios para que funcione

Task para escribir los datos en siwapp demo (#531)

  • Task para escribir los datos random de demo

  • Había olvidado añadir fichero

  • Task to put demo data

  • Demo task ready

  • Mix format y redability

  • Readability

  • Reseteo de todos los datos

  • Cachex sin iniciar no para la aplicación He movido los Cachex.clear de taxes al frontend, he rescatado el error de list_taxes(:cache) para poder listarlas desde db si la dependencia no está iniciada. El Cachex.clear de settings lo he quitado directamente porque solo creamos settings desde terminal, no interactúa con el frontend

  • Ya no tenemos que rescatar el error

  • Sólo se inicia la repo y no la app entera

  • Cachex.clear en tests para que no salten errores

  • Menos settings desde el inicio using Settings.act

  • No rescue error usando Application.start(:cachex)

  • Olvidé borrar dos cosas

  • Cachex started in mix task

Some fixes (#542)

Impedimento para dejar templates defaults vacíos (#541)

  • Impedimento para dejar defaults vacíos

  • Using clear flash

  • Comprobación del backend

Fix que se pueda levantar aplicación sin correo (#544)

Repo config moved from runtime.exs to prod.exs (#545)

  • Repo config moved from runtime.exs to prod.exs

  • mix format

right alignment (#552)

Settings demo y restablecer secuencias (#553)

no redirect (#554)

  • no redirect

  • mix format

  • restore page_controller

  • fixes

Pablo/updates (#555)

  • updates

  • mix format

  • Placeholder for search input

  • Select only id and name from suggest_names

Series, taxes y recurring_invoices no funcionaban (#556)

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Created at 1 month ago
Created at 2 months ago
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Created at 2 months ago
issue comment
Add vtadmin binary to release and Docker images

@deepthi we are building separate images vtadmin-ui and vtadmin-api out of vitess-lite docker image. AFAIK https://github.com/vitessio/vitess/pull/10543 introduced a single image that can be used to run any of the app (frontend or backend) so most probably we are going to migrate to it once vitess starts publishing a new image to the official docker repo.

Created at 2 months ago