A build toolchain for experimentation on isomorphic web applications with tree-inheritance and multivariate support.


React Scrollable


A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.


jQuery JavaScript Library



Figure out how to make it a real package and add to package manager

Thanks for your interest. Sorry, but I'm not sure I'll put effort into this.

I have not used it in a while. I welcome pull requests if you are willing to. I commit to testing and merging it if you do. Or, next time I need to rewrite my email rules, I might take a stab at turning this into a package. You never know, right?

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Fix pi admin home folder

Sorry, I am out of time and I prefer not to have this on my todo list. Feel free to reopen and merge if at all useful.

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Fix pi admin home folder

Hi Sun,

I was following the guide and there is a mismatch between /home/pi and /home/pi-admin that was annoying while copy and pasting. It is not super important but might get people with no CLI skills stuck.

So here is a small PR to help with this.

Since I was at it:

  • I also renamed the ssh key name, so it matches for clarity and organization
  • chmod 700 is for folders right? I changed it to 600
Created at 2 months ago
Could you push greenlock 4.0.5 to NPM?

I didn't find anything better than Greenlock so far. We are using greenlock in production, which is working quite well for us. It was a bit hard to figure out our custom implementation, but it did work, and it has been stable for us.

Created at 2 months ago