Some of the handy shell scripts I have created/acquired

Here is a detailed information about the scripts I have written.  I do not consider myself a programmer, I create these little programs as experiments to have a play with the language, or to solve a problem for myself.  I would gladly accept pointers from others to improve the code and make it more efficient, or simplify the code.  If you would like to make any comments then please feel free to email me at

In the scripts the comments etc are lined up correctly when they are viewed in Notepad++ or vi. This is what I use to code Shell scripts.

arch_check.ksh - This script checks the archive location for any log files that have not yet been compressed and compresses them.

backup.ksh - Backup script for root disk - This will batch rename all files from one extension to another - Start/stop the perl script to monitor the Oracle Alert Log

check_oracle.ksh - This script checks the pmon and the listener processes are running on the server

coalesce.ksh - This script gets the list of the tablespaces within the database and then coalesces them

create_me.ksh - I use this to create me on new Solaris builds

current_users.ksh - This will gather information about the users that are currently attached to the database.

exp_using_pipes.ksh - An example of running an export, compressing on the fly using a pipe

homedir_backup.ksh - Backs up the user that is running the script home directory, and copy it to another machine - This will kill all the oracle processes associated with a given sid - Captures just the last five minutes of a given logfile

loginlog.ksh - This creates the file which tracks failed login attempts after five failed attempts - Lists all the files that have been modified that day 

monitor_slice.ksh - Shows the slice, as well as the GB of space used, as well as the space left, it will loop round and round until you cancel it running - Prefixes the ping command with a date stamp, you then prove when it was run, works on Solaris and Linux - Backup MySQL database, either the full database or just a single database

nddchecker.ksh - Get Network Card information on Solaris

network.ksh - Get Network Information

newuser.ksh - A simple script to create a new OS account - This will show all of the client connections to the database - This will rename all of the files in a directory by removing the word you pass to it - Get network information for eri cards - Get network information for hme cards

test_network.ksh - A quick network test to test the network - This will send a given script to a certain server once prompted, if it can't find the script it searches for scripts with a similar name

unix_users_to_sql.ksh - Export UNIX users to sql, you can change the last line if you want the output to go to a file, rather than be inserted straight into the database - Gather OS statistics to place in to the database

world_writable.ksh - Gather OS statistics to place in to the database