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[ACM] [request]: ACM should still work when also using custom certificates

@colszowka can you provide more details on why you need this? We want to help, but before adding more complexity to the certificate management system we'd like to understand what's keeping your from relying 100% on ACM certs. Is it because you need a wildcard cert?

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[Heroku Postgres] [Support for PostgreSQL 15]: Add support for PostgreSQL 15 on Heroku

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PG 15 was [released on October 22nd]( Heroku Postgres usually only adds support for a new major version once the first point release (15.1 in this case) is out. This issue is for anyone wanting to track the release status.

PG 15 has new and exciting features that Heroku customers want.
Created at 2 weeks ago
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[Functions] Salesforce User Mode

This is a dupe of

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[Functions] Salesforce User Mode
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