Configuration files for my toolbox

Library for fetching information from online video services using a common API.


Simple node application to handle client queues in a front desk with

An example express server written in TypeScript, express and MySQL

A mock browser-only task runner written with ES6 + ReactJS


[Poll] what is the plan for gnome 43

Augment Gnome 43 with additional features

  • Basically being able to change which elements are shown in the menu (show audio profiles, show/hide icons, hide certain output devices)
Created at 2 weeks ago

Add react-native extension in VS Code Remote Development

Created at 2 weeks ago

Restore default export in component

Created at 2 weeks ago
frandieguez create branch feature/es6-port
Created at 2 weeks ago

Convert TS code to ES6

Improve example app to use ES6

Add configuration files for the VS Code Remote development extension

This should autoconfigure extensions and development container to easy local development

Reenable eslint in code

Add default config file for Prettierm, code formatting tool

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Created at 3 weeks ago
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frandieguez create repository
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situm map viewer does not work

Hi @MalekAlselwi,

First of all, thank you for trying out our solutions. Could you share with us which errors are thrown in your browser console so we can trace them?

Regards, Fran

Created at 2 months ago
Created at 2 months ago