Fatal errors in php 7.4

I am running the latest WordPress Docker image, and get the error:

[php:error] [pid 56] [client] PHP Fatal error:  Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is no longer supported in /var/www/html/wp-content/themes/wp-capsule-develop/ui/lib/php-markdown/markdown.php on line 934

This is from a dependency of Capsule.

I was able to find the 20 or so occurences within this file and replace the curly brace notation with bracket notation for array access.

Unfortunately, looks like upstream repo is read-only.

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Hi @shiguangxiaotou3,

Do you see a <script> tag for any of the media JS files in the HTML? I wonder when your bootstrap() method is invoked. If it is after admin_enqueue_scripts hook has fired, then the callback registerMedia() will not be called.

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[DevTools Bug]: React Dev Tools breaks craigslist?

I filled out craigslist's contact form describing the issue and linking here, hopefully it gets routed correctly ¯_(ツ)_/¯

An alternative solution would be if React DevTools can leave the script tag it inserts into the DOM?

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[DevTools Bug]: React Dev Tools breaks craigslist?

Hi @mondaychen, thanks for taking a look at this.

Do I understand that React DevTools extension inserts a script tag at the beginning of the page, and then removes it from the document at some later point in its lifecycle?

So craigslist' code is looking for a place in the DOM to inject a <link> tag asynchronously. Likely, some of the time (50%) the React DevTools script tag still exists in the DOM, so craigslist injection works okay. The other half, the DevTools script tag is gone, which throws the error.

Good point for craigslist code to modify the getInsertPoint() implementation to target a more stable DOM selector for injection like document.head.

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remove package lock

specify node version to avoid errors

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[DevTools Bug]: React Dev Tools breaks craigslist?

Website or app

Repro steps

  1. Enable React Dev Tools
  2. Visit
  3. 50% of the time you will see broken page
  4. Disable React Dev Tools
  5. Visit
  6. 100% of the time you will see a working page

How often does this bug happen?


DevTools package (automated)

No response

DevTools version (automated)

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Error message (automated)

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Error call stack (automated)

TypeError: svs-boot-setManifest-exception:Cannot read properties of null (reading 'insertBefore')
    at cl.injectCss (bbe8a523a089547e594fa2f101021699a377645c.js:6:12097)
    at cl.injectResource (bbe8a523a089547e594fa2f101021699a377645c.js:6:14293)
    at bbe8a523a089547e594fa2f101021699a377645c.js:6:20658
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at injectResourceSet (bbe8a523a089547e594fa2f101021699a377645c.js:6:20634)
    at bigBang (bbe8a523a089547e594fa2f101021699a377645c.js:6:17286)
    at cl.setManifest (bbe8a523a089547e594fa2f101021699a377645c.js:6:18123)
    at manifest.js:1:4
cl.unexpected @ bbe8a523a089547e594fa2f101021699a377645c.js:6
cl.setManifest @ bbe8a523a089547e594fa2f101021699a377645c.js:6
(anonymous) @ manifest.js:1
VM1218:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input
    at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
    at localStorage-092e9f9e2f09450529e744902aa7cdb3a5cc868d.html:38:37

Error component stack (automated)

No response

GitHub query string (automated)

No response

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is this package actively maintained?

One of y'all short fork it 🙂

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