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Blinking Row Virtualization - performance issue

I think I could reproduce it too. Easily with large row size. react-table

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Update USAGE.md


vgg_face: to own module vgg_face: correct output and normalization Extract: more aggressive queue sizes sys_info: Fix cudnn check error on Linux

Merge branch 'master' into staging

Sort: Faster sort by face/face-dissim

Merge branch 'master' into staging

Active Devices bugfix

Merge branch 'master' into staging

Sort by face optimizations

Merge branch 'master' into staging

Add "extract-every-n" option to alignments tool

Merge branch 'master' into staging

Bugfix: GUI Analysis - Correctly report iterations and rate

Fix for Effmpeg not working when using Faceswap with Docker (#732)

  • Edited Dockerfiles to include ffmpeg installation for Effmpeg to work

  • Edited incorrect command to run Dockerized Faceswap GUI in INSTALL.md


sysinfo,py: CUDNN Check fix for unsupported OSes cli.py: More useful information scripts/convert.py: Set processes to 1 if no images are passed in cv2_dnn aligner: Fix bounding box for negative values scripts/convert.py: Fix for incorrect frame ranges passed in

Pin imageio to version 2.5.0

Bugfix: save interval on extract (#740)

bug in extract.py: because of missing parentheses in a modulo operation, a condition on save-interval was never met. alignements.json file was never generated when starting extract script with -si option.

Convert settings tool (#737)

  • Initial prediction pipeline and display

  • Patch faces from convert pipeline. Load configs

  • Add tkinter canvas for image display

  • Radio buttons to config gui. Standardise config gui. Remove dssim loss from realface

  • Add action frame

  • Live update cli options

  • Live update config changes

  • Quicker frame loading. Refresh faces button callback

  • remove debug code

  • Add saving and reloading config buttons

  • Reduce lag with threading

  • Busy indicator + geometry updates

  • Fix options canvas resizing

  • Add global config saving and resetting

  • tools to own tab

  • Rename tool to 'preview'

  • geometry tweak

  • pep8 fixes

Convert: Add manual balance color adjustment plugin


Facefilter - Variable reference before assignment masks - Facehull initialize to 255.0 instead of 1.0 Alignments tool - Stop tool from ignoring upper case extensions pep8 fixes

Alignments tool updates

Merge alignments: Add ability to filter out faces that do not appear in the final alignments file GUI: Add icon to open video file for frames

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