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Do not use SIMD instructions on i686

@jayaddison You probably also need to set CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS so that clang also targets the right architecture. Sorry, it's been a while since I worked on this and at the moment, I don't have the time to look into this in detail.

Created at 8 hours ago

Change formatting mapping from F3 to F2

F3 currently doesn't work properly when using vim in kitty.

Created at 1 month ago

Update mapping for recent ddc versions

Created at 1 month ago

Add Makefile with a target to run "cargo watch"

Setup a webserver with a basic health check

Created at 1 month ago

Add a workflow for tests/fmt/linting/code-coverage

Add a workflow for vulnerability audits

Created at 1 month ago

Initial commit

Created at 1 month ago

Set the term config before setting the colorscheme

Otherwise, things like termguicolors might not be setup correctly, causing various issues.

Created at 1 month ago

Update vim-plug

vim-lsp: Show inline diagnostics at eol and truncate them

Add more kitty specific terminal configuration

These come straight from the kitty documentation.

Created at 1 month ago
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Fix flicker on document highlighting with vim 9.0.0993

Does this also need to handle delete? #1398

My understanding is that the delete call is only necessary, because vim would otherwise complain that the property type already exists. The props are always the same, so the delete call would only make a difference if something else sets a property type with the name vim-lsp-reference-highlight which seems unlikely and/or deliberate.

Created at 2 months ago