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Don't override project type php by detected app, fixes #4403

Sure, I'll give it another try.

Created at 3 weeks ago
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Don't override project type php by detected app

I don't care much about the value of the project-type beside that it might be a bit confusing when a different value does not imply any different behavior. The configuration parameter disable_settings_management is new to me and if it only affects the CMS settings file management I'm fine with it. However, this PR originated from our short discussion in #4403 where you suggested to try the change this PR provides.

I'm fairly new to Go but if you want to move that forward (in whatever direction) I'd be happy to help. Otherwise just close the PR. I'll add a hint to the tickets how to avoid it using disable_settings_management.

Created at 1 month ago
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Don't override project type php by detected app

The issue I have is that I do want to use the project type "php" when working with a customized WordPress installation but every time I run ddev config ... to change a value that is not "project-type" it switches the project type to "wordpress" (described more detailed in #443 and also for Drupal in #1919.

I do want to use ddev config over editing config.yaml manually to keep this file up to date (inline documentation, new config keys and so on). I'm not sure if disable_settings_management: true would circumvent this issue. But in general I'd like to have DDEV managing configuration files and only use the command line API.

Maybe another config parameter disable_project_type_detection would be the most straightforward solution to maintain backward compatibility without increasing the complexity even more?

Created at 1 month ago
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Don't override project type php by detected app

I'm sorry I was a bit too optimistic here. Since app.Type is set to "php" by default, we cannot distinct between "php" as the default value or the value that was read from config.yaml in handleMainConfigArgs(). By just removing the app.Type == "php" condition from this statement we will circumvent the app detection entirely.

case (app.Type == "" || app.Type == nodeps.AppTypePHP) && (projectTypeArg == "" || projectTypeArg == detectedApptype):

I think what still should solve the mentioned issues and pass the existing tests would be the distinction between "php" being the default value or the one from the config.yaml. This could either be implemented in handleMainConfigArgs() or by introducing another parameter app.IsDefaultType which would be set in DdevApp.readConfig() for example.

Created at 1 month ago
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Don't override project type php by detected app

The Issue

DDEV's config command will override project type "php" if any app like WordPress or Drupal is detected.

How This PR Solves The Issue

As suggested in #4403 it applies the detected app type only if there is no type specified yet.

Manual Testing Instructions

Automated Testing Overview

TestConfigMaintainProjectTypePhp creates a common DDEV project with type "php" and creates a {DOC_ROOT}/wp-settings.php file to mimic a WordPress installation. Then it runs a ddev config command to change an arbitrary value (the PHP version in this case) and finally verifies that the project type is still set to "php".

Related Issue Link(s)

  • #1919
  • #4403

Release/Deployment Notes

Created at 1 month ago
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dnaber-de create branch 20230225_dnaber-de_do_not_override_php_project_type
Created at 1 month ago

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  • fix up several maps that require string key for yaml.v3
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