The API takes forever, add a button to the loading spinner and error messages to display some old data stored in a gist just for demo purposes.

Right now it takes like 3 to 5 minutes to get all the data. The ratelimit for the API should be 120 requests per minute, which should be way way faster than what there is right now.

Right now, if the API is overloaded, the entire app crashes. Implement some way to prevent crashing and allow users to try again.

when getting posts, the heatmap table should display a loading spinner

I need to make more API requests than the API wants to receive. I need to find some way to stagger the amount of API requests being made at any given time to prevent timing out or having access denied.

This might be helpful, but I think my program calling the api across multiple functions might be an issue.

The list should include post title and link to that post. I don't think the API I'm using has a way to display upvote counts.

When getting or updating data, heatmap.js should display a little loading wheel or some such.

getDailyData should populate an array with 24 numbers > 0, however right now it's returning an array with 0s in spots 11 through 23.