📊 A user interface to edit and design neural networks made with React.js and TypeScript.

🃏 Texas Holdem Rank Evaluator Algorithm made in C#. And also a Side Pots Calculator and its algorithm with in-depth explanation, examples and the math behind.


🧠 🐤 A flappy bird game that learns to play by itself using Deep Q Learning and JavaScript and exciting technologies such as Tensorflow.js, D3 and Webpack.

The idea of this site, unlike other news sites, is actually a site that groups several news sites together. And he does this through the RSS of those sites. And with a smart statistical algorithm, he's able to channel the relevant articles at the top of the page. In addition, this site supports Web Services, Google & Facebook API, weather API and many other technologies that will be listed below.


🎮 A code where you can control an airplane simulator using a joystick or script, with a nice interface GUI.


Step by step instructions to solve a real CAPTCHA image from a real website


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Remove "Related Topics" from Question's content

Oh is it a pro feature? I used the free one

Created at 1 month ago
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Remove "Related Topics" from Question's content

It deletes it only from the code and not the description no? anyway It didn't work for me, wouldn't it remove the thumbs up/down as well?

By the way, maybe it could be a default? I think it should be

Created at 1 month ago
Created at 1 month ago
Remove "Related Topics" from Question's content

Desc Every question description ("Content" tab) at the bottom has a "Related Topics" section which to be honest reveal or give you significant hint on how to solve the problem.

In LeetCode web this section is hidden by default and you can choose whether or not if want to see it by pressing on it.

So my suggestion is to remove it completely, or make it hideable somehow (which should be a default) either by Leetcode settings or by a pressing button besides that.

Created at 1 month ago
Incompatibility in colors with VSCode


I notice a difference in the color sheet between PyCharm and VSCode.

The differences I could notice are function and const (same for let and var I assume) which are orange in JetBrains but purple in VScode.

VSCode: image

Jetbrains: image

Created at 1 month ago