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Missing license

Great, thank you!

And also kudos for the great library!

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Missing license


We recently looked into adopting this library, but it does not provide a license, which makes it hard to adopt for commercial projects.

Could I ask that you consider adding a license? In my ideal world, one that works for commercial projects, but even if not, it would be nice to have that clearly stated.

Thank you!

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nvim and copilot setup

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update aliases

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Bug: Functions in initial state keep executing when updating state

You are passing the result of the function into useState():

const [myState, setMyState] = useState(getStarterItem());

You must pass the function itself:

const [myState, setMyState] = useState(getStarterItem);

Relevant part of the docs:

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Blank screen with multiple root events

This seems related to

Inspecting the following machine produces a blank screen in the vscode extension:

import { createMachine } from "xstate";

  on: {
    A: { actions: "a" },
    B: { actions: "b" },
  states: {
    initial: {},
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