All Algorithms implemented in PHP
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I wrote a sudoku solver using the backtracking algorithm. Where should that go? Or might it warrant its own directory?

good, I would like to join the repository as a collaborator, greetings

i am try to check palindrome string using PHP strrev() function with simple way, and also create a simple function for count sentence

Hello @nikhilkala , can one make PRs to improve already existing solutions? An example is the factorial solution which will be faster for large numbers if a cache is implemented

No function exists in code to detect prime numbers,

In Math/CheckPrime.php

there is a bug, isPrime() returns true to the square of a number, for example.
isPrime(49) // return true instead of false

Lower_Bound and Upper_Bound are important Functions provided with C++ STL and implemented in various other languages.

PR added: #32

Update to include a recommendation to update