List a link of reactions on a github issue page
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I can't seem to get this extension to work successfully. I am running it in Chrome Version 111.0.5563.64 (Official Build) (64-bit) with v2.4.2 of the Extension (I am using Ubuntu 22.04, though I'm unsure whether this impacts extension viability). I enabled logs for the extension and am getting the following warning:

Cannot load extension with file or directory name _metadata. Filenames starting with "_" are reserved for use by the system.

I am not sure if this is what is causing the issue, but thought I would include it!

Here is a screenshot demonstrating the lack of reactions, even though reactions should be showing:


Thanks again for your work on this project!

When hovering over diff parts of an issue I'm seeing a weird toggling of the display:

Screen Recording 2023-03-15 at 12 51 58 PM

NOTE: The GIF doesn't do as good a job at showing this cause its so fast, but it happens when hovering over various UI elements on the issue

I love this extension very much as it helps me sift through big issues.

One thing I'd like to discuss is the use of @wesbos yellow which does not really fit well on github. Would you be opposed to using a dark/light theme color that matches github or allow the user to control them?

Quick mock up with slightly more on theme colors.

Installed the extension from Chrome Web Store, and navigated to a few issues in a couple of repos. I am seeing this: no reactions found


What am I missing?

This is what I see now when refreshing the page when using the compact/inline mode.

Would it be possible to wait until everything is loaded/computed before rendering the items?

Seems discussions don't work and you get an infinite loading state 😅.

ex: facebook/create-react-app#11767

On windows 10

node version v18.14.0
yarn version 1.22.19


On windows 10 WSL2 Ubuntu 22.04

node version v18.12.1
yarn version 1.22.19


When viewing an issue without reactions, the title + credit should be hidden.
Screenshot 2023-01-16 at 9 19 36 AM

Need to setup a background job that notify the content script to refresh when the user has navigated to an issue from github and not by Google.

Currently you have to refresh the page to see the widget when navigating from a github to the current page.

@NorfeldtAbtion what do you think about adding to the chrome web store? I could help with this if you want?

PS, thanks for adding me as a collaborator!

PPS I do see the note in the readme but I figured would could entertain adding it to help users adopt it more readily?

I've followed the Chrome extensions in the Brave browser but am not seeing the extension even after reloading


I've restarted Brave and reloaded the extension.

I've also disabled "shields" for

EDIT: Noticed this, which seems wrong?