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Server emulator for FFXI


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:bathtub: Clean Code concepts adapted for JavaScript


Node integration with mLabs new API


Fix bst reward level restriction and regen

Bard songs replace own status effect

If applicable, bard songs replace own status effect in preference to song effect with shortest remaining duration.

Fix conquest voucher usage without CP

Fix overflow issue when confirming trade of gil over 256

Fixed spacing to make clang-format happy

Fix style issue

Unify sneak attack cone definition

Weaponskill Accuracy Fixes

Add mp to smn spirits

Align with puppet mp scaling

Fix style issue

Remove incorrect duplicate recipes

Tri Bat and Goblin Mobskill tweaks

  • Bomb toss suicide will now only have a 10% chance to be used upon picking the skill bomb_toss
  • Attack down change from 50% to 25% on sonic_boom
  • Duration changes to Tri Bats

Sonic boom accident letters

Hide Floating Bastok Markets NPC

Set Counterstance to 45% Additional Counter Rate

Mob Skill Windup Updates (#2542)

  • Changes to mob_skils.sql for startup frames. updated kindred skills comments in mob_skill_lists.sql

  • changes for rabbits, crabs, and pugils

  • updated Quadav howl to match other beastmen

  • Goblin changes

Fix MNK Mob Counter Damage

Make spirit check more concise

Audit Additional Resale Values

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Update Bugbear Mask desynth for leatherwork to accurate results

Can you please add a description for this change in the #incoming-fixes channel on the ASB discord? Mostly so I know what name to credit you with for your work on Horizon patch notes.

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Update Bugbear Mask desynth for leatherwork to accurate results

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What does this pull request do?

Updates the values for the Leatherwork desynth of Bugbear Masks to properly reflect the current (and furture) results for HQ synths.

Current HQ results yield Gold Thread, and on Horizon it appears they've been updated to produce Ram Leather for HQ1 and HQ2, but in the incorrect amounts as per the bug report here

Steps to test these changes

  1. Update synth_recipes table
  2. Obtain a Bugbear Mask
  3. Set Leatherwork to 86+ for best results (T3)
  4. Desynth with Wind Crystal. All HQ's should yield 3 Ram Leather, except HQ3 which yields 2 Gold Threads
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Update Bugbear Mask desynth for leatherwork to accurate results

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