Give folders or directories comments and view them easy.

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title: c
description: Add comments to files or folders.
author: Jonovono
contact: @Jonovono
created:  2012 May 02




C screenshot

Give folders or files Comments!!

Sometimes I lose track of what certain folders or files are for or do. Instead of having to open the project I wanted a way to quickly give a certain directory a comment describing what the project does or what technology it makes use of. Couldn't find a way to do this easily, so I made this.

This is my first C program, so feel free to send some fixes or point out things I have done that could be better. Would love some feedback!

About / Examples

When run this program creates a .comments directory in the current directory to store the comments for the files. So a given file, for example, names file1.txt will be given an entry called file1.txt.comment in the comment directory.

The main commands are:

  • View the comment for a file or directory (or the current directory).
  • Give a file or directory (or the current directory) a comment.
  • View all the files/directories with their comment beside them (also in ascending or descending order based on modification time)

Viewing Comments

c <filename or directory name>

Or to view the current directory

c .

To view all of the files/directories

c all
c all + (ascending order on modification time)
c all - (descending order)

Adding comments

This will replace whatever comment that file already has if it has one

c <filename or directory name> "comment"

To append a comment to the end of whatever that file has use:

c <filename or directory name> -p "comment"

Of course, use . in replace of for the current directory.


Get it using the following command:

$ git clone git://

And then should be able to install going:

$ ./configure

$ make

$ sudo make install

And those on Mac should be able to use:

$ brew install c


Follow me or give me feedback/suggestions etc on twitter @Jonovono

Don't be afraid to make some changes and submit them!