GitBook teaching programming basics with Javascript
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Hello, Myself Siyona Lodha!
I wanted to contribute to your project for my college open source lab.
Can you please assign me some tasks and give me an opportunity to become a contributor?

Thank you,
Waiting for a positive response :)

while learning JS, i ran into a small issue and im stuck . Any help rendered would be appreciated

In 6.2 Higher Order Functions, could you tell the difference compare to javascript closure?

For me this so called 'Higher order functions' is exactly how I understand 'closure'. If I'm right, please add 'this is what other people called closure' at the end of this section. It surely will clarify the misunderstanding.

@SamyPesse @AaronO Thank you


The book is really good and easy to understand.I would become even more awesome if you could add another chapter on how implement Javascript and make real world web applications.Just a brief idea to get the reader started.On how to get the best out of Javascript.

please add new problems of linked list

just pointing it out

in loops you explain in the beginning of the chapter using arraus access, when you haven't showed me an array before

I'm loving the simplicity of the book I'm just pointing it out

Syntax on the array introduction needs to be changed from [] to {} for the example. Exercises also need line breaks fixed.

Substrings hasn't done?

On quite a few of the pages, various symbols ( ` < > & ) are showing up as HTML entities in the explanatory and exercise text.

An example from 4.3 on the website:

  • x &gt; a: is x bigger than a?
  • x &lt; a: is x less than a?

Which looks as expected on github:

  • x > a: is x bigger than a?
  • x < a: is x less than a?

I'm attempting to write an experiment that will require 4 basic parts: a fixation cross, an instruction, an experimental stimulus, and a rating scale. I switched the language to JavaScript from JSPsych per the request of my instructor, but I'm now having trouble translating certain plugins from the JSPsych library to basic JavaScript code.
Each of the parts listed above will need a trial duration. For example the fixation cross needs to be shown for 2 seconds, the instructions for 4 seconds, and so on. I'm pretty sure I can loop through the trials, I just need help with how to set up a variable to show the pictures for a specific amount of time.

I think, that`s a good idea to add information about some useful ECMAScript 6 features, such as: template literals/string interpolation, arrow function, modules etc.