Source code for the website of everyone's favorite streamer


This is a Next.js project deployed to Vercel. Styling is primarily managed using TailwindCSS.

Getting Started

Install all dependencies:

$ npm install

Copy the sample env config to a local one:

$ cp .env.sample .env

Start the project's databases using Docker:

$ npm run db:up

Start Next.js in development mode:

$ npm run dev

This will start the app up at: http://localhost:3000/

If you're using Visual Studio Code, make sure to open the nuilzero.code-workspace file to automate parts of your local development environment.

Database Management

This application integrates with two databases: PostgreSQL and Redis. A separate database instance exists in the three main environments: preview, dev, and production.

To start up the databases locally using Docker:

$ npm run db:up


PostgreSQL is an advanced relational database. This project uses Prisma to interface with PostgreSQL.

Once Postgres is running locally, you'll need to run the db migration scripts to setup the initial table structure:

$ npm run db:migrate

Once provisioned, it can be seeded with test data:

$ npm run db:seed

In order to make changes to the database schema, you'll need to edit the ./prisma/schema.prisma file. Once the changes are complete, a new migration file will need to be generated:

$ npm run db:create_migration

You'll also need to generate the Prisma db client in order to get TypeScript type checking:

$npm run db:client


Redis is a high-performance key-value store that runs exclusively in memory. This project uses ioredis to interface with Redis.


For any change, open up a Pull Request against this repository's develop branch. All changes must produce a successful build.

Coding Style

Code style consistency is managed by using ESLint and Prettier. All JavaScript and TypeScript code must follow the semistandard style. All other files are formatted using Prettier.

To lint all source files:

$ npm run lint

To format all source files, which often fixes most linting errors:

$ npm run format


This project is deployed to different environments based on branches:

All changes should be made against the develop branch. Once changes are ready to be released, merge those changes into the main branch.