This project of a memory game app was accomplished as a part of Udacity Front-End Nanodegree.

Technologies and Sources

The app is built with the following:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Google Fonts (Lato)
  • Font Awesome icons
  • Background image: Freepik
  • Animal icons form Flaticon

How to play

  1. Download or clone the project
  2. Open the index.html file in your browser

Alternatively, you can play here: link.

Game rules

This game is desiged to help you learn basic animal vocabulary in Portugese. In the beginning you'll be shown a list of animals in the following format: english name : portugese name (f.ex. horse : cavalo). After you close the list, the proper game begins:

  • The player flips one card over to reveal animal icon/name and then turns over a second card, trying to find the match.
  • Two flipped cards are counted as one move; timer starts with the first card flipped.
  • If cards don’t match, they are flipped back.
  • If cards match, animal icon and name change background to green and both cards remain visible.
  • Your score (moves, time and rating) is being displayed in the score panel.
  • Reload icon restarts the game, bulb icon shows vocabulary list.
  • The player wins when all 10 cards are matched. Once the game is finished, a popup with the player's result is shown.
  • By pressing "Play again" button, you may start a new game.


The content of this repository is free and is licensed under a MIT Licence.