Final Udacity FEND project

Japanese restaurants in Warsaw

This is my final project accomplished during Google Front-End Development Nanodegree Program at Udacity. It is a simple application that fetches information about over 60 Japanese restaurants in Warsaw. One can filter them by district and get additional info, like location and average rating.

Table of Contents

Project Overview

Project made with React and bootstraped from create-react-app.

React Components Structure

<App /
  <Loading />
  <Error />

  <Header />

    <Sidebar />

    <Map />
      <GoogleMapReact />
      <Marker />
      <InfoWindow />
  <Footer />

Running the Application

The project needs to be installed on your local machine. Download or clone the repository git clone and do the following:

  • cd to jpn-in-warsaw folder
  • in your terminal run npm install to install all the project dependencies
  • start the development server with npm start
  • usually the site opens automatically, if not please visit http://localhost:3000

The service worker is implemented ONLY during production build.

Dependencies & 3rd party libraries or API


  1. All icons come from Flaticon
  2. CSS spinner used in Loading component from Tobias Ahlin
  3. Hamburger menu and its animation from Jon Suh
  4. Styles for map SnazzyMaps


The content of this repository is free and is licensed under a MIT Licence.