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sendMessage doesn't seem to work

@Reloss @zerodytrash What do you mean by signature? Where can I get from or how I can generate it and how to provide it to the tool? Do you mean it is not implemented yet? Tiktok check sendMessage request for a signature(some sort of hash for request). Requests return fail without valid signature. This project doesn't contain signature generation, but use the signature generating server provided by author. Currently, project only use signature to generate request to connect to live chat websocket. This approach which helps project not to be abuesd and cause tiktok to try to ban the project.

sendMessage used to work without signature, But it isn't now. To adopt the change from tiktok, author need more time to update project.(Remember that's author isn't paid for the project, your PR is always welcome, so is donation that may helps)

If you ask question about what is signature, that means you didn't even really reading the source code of this project enough. Then it's really impossible for you to able generate signature without those knowledge.

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Your node process can't connect to tiktok server (ECONRESET). Tiktok may block your ip temprorary if you access too many in a short peroiod of time or any reason. Try use it from another ip. I sometimes get same error, but usually resolved after a few seconds.

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someone help me please

This is duplicated of #79.

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