Roadmap to becoming a Go developer in 2020


There could be a lot of approach to store your configuration to some file such as JSON, YAML, TOML, INI and etc. I wonder what's the proposed way to read/write configuration file in golang?

Hi, Maybe it's not a good place for asking such question,If it's not right place here Please let me know or you can close or delete it

How do you create this roadmap png ? maybe we could add more info on this roadmap tree
Do you have plan to do that?

I have been seeing such diagrams of developer roadmaps. How are such diagrams created? Where can I find more of such diagrams?


In the Logging -> Distributed Tracing branch, Open Telemetry should be added alongside Jaeger

From their doc : OpenTelemetry is a set of APIs, SDKs, tooling and integrations that are designed for the creation and management of telemetry data such as traces, metrics, and logs. The OpenTelemetry documentation is intended to broadly cover key terms, concepts, and instructions on how to use OpenTelemetry in your software.

They provide library for instrumentation and have the advantage to have implementation in multiple language which help in maintaining application in heterogeneous environments

Jaeger is also planning to get a closer integration with Open Telemetry (see )

Any reason Gorilla Mux does not appear in the list of routers ?

Beginning with golang

Either the image shouldn't have a transparent background, or the text should all be in boxes/bubbles.

This is how it looks:

Already have a PR ready, but I figured I would ask for your approval first 😄

Dockertest is a project developed to make Go integration tests really easy with Docker.
It is really popular on github, so I thought it might be a good addition to this list, let me know what you think.
Even Google is using it for some of their projects.

Docker is the perfect system for running unit tests as you can spin up containers in a few seconds and kill them when the test completes.
The Dockertest library provides easy to use commands for spinning up Docker containers and using them for your tests.+
Use Docker to run your Go language integration tests against third party services on Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX and Linux!

[disclaimer: i work for ory]

road map not existed and download error

I think you refer to wrong the HTTP client Heimdall. Should I change heimdall/heimdall to gojek/heimdall ?

What a fantastic project for me. 😁

2021 is coming soon. Will the author update the project? 😏

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Observability is a must have today, maybe we can have a Observability / Telemetry path to the roadmap?

I think future will be, but there are a lot of framework technology :

Hello, everyone. Cool project!

What do you think of adding a security path to the roadmap? I good start would be mentioning gosec. 🙃

I think this roadmap should include profiling with pprof relatively early on.