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Created at 1 week ago

chore: update import_map and deno_doc (#16755)

fix: Make npm packages works with import maps (#16754)

Co-authored-by: David Sherret dsherret@gmail.com

ci: increase timeout to 120 minutes (#16764)

chore: workspace inheritance (#16343)

fix(fmt/markdown): scenario where whitespace was being incorrectly stripped in inline links (#16769)


Closes #16730

chore: remove unnecessary qualifier in declaration file (#16767)

chore: more debug logging and avoid allocating strings in ts logging when not debug (#16689)

feat(cli): add warning for incorrectly ordered flags (#16734)

This code checks if permission flags are incorrectly defined after the module name (e.g. deno run mod.ts --allow-read instead of the correct deno run --allow-read mod.ts). If so, a simple warning is displayed.

refactor(core): fix typo in ops_builtin.rs (#16613)

fix(npm/check): prioritize exports over types entry (#16788)

fix(ext/flash): graceful server startup/shutdown with unsettled promises in mind (#16616)

This PR resets the revert commit made by #16610, bringing back #16383 which attempts to fix the issue happening when we use the flash server with --watch option enabled. Also, some code changes are made to pass the regression test added in #16610.

fix(npm/types): resolve main entrypoint declaration file when no types entry (#16791)

Closes #16782

chore: forward v1.28.2 release commit to main (#16796)

Co-authored-by: bartlomieju bartlomieju@users.noreply.github.com Co-authored-by: Bartek Iwańczuk biwanczuk@gmail.com

fix(task): output encoding issues on windows (#16794)

Closes #16792

fix(repl): more reliable history handling (#16797)

This commit changes history handling of the REPL.

There were some situations were history wasn't properly saved and flushed to a file, making history very spotty. This commit changes it to save every line into the history file and flush it to disk before being evaluated.

Thanks to this all lines, including "close()" will be stored in the history file.

If for any reason we're not able to save history file, a single warning will be printed to the REPL and it will continue to work, even if subsequent tries will fail to save to disk.

fix(cli/js): improve resource sanitizer messages (#16798)

This commit improves the guidance for how to close a child process stdout / stderr to also include guidance for when using new Deno.Command().

refactor(lsp): consolidate relative_specifier (#16780)

Closes #14840

fix(ops): circular dependency in deno_ops test (#16809)

fix(npm): better error message when attempting to use typescript in npm packages (#16813)

refactor: move lockfile.rs to args module (#16818)

This should be in the args folder as it's similar to config_file.

Created at 1 month ago

chore: use Rust 1.65.0 (#16688)

fix(info): handle circular npm dependencies (#16692)

perf(npm): make dependency resolution faster (#16694)

fix(types/unstable): change interface base for CommandOutput (#16696)

extend from CommandStatus instead of ChildStatus. Resolves #16680.

fix(npm): ancestor that resolves peer dependency should not include self in id (#16693)

Closes #16683

chore: fix windows-only clippy errors (#16703)

fix(npm): use an http client with connection pool (#16705)

Should make downloading npm packages faster and more reliable.

fix(ext/node): handle URL in createRequire (#16682)

fix(npm): handle directory resolution when resolving declaration files (#16706)

Also fixes resolving specifiers like ./something.generated in declaration files.

Closes #16695

chore: remove stale bot (#16718)

feat(core): Ability to create snapshots from existing snapshots (#16597)

Co-authored-by: crowlkats crowlkats@toaxl.com

fix(npm): add suggestions to error message when can't find binary entrypoint (#16733)

Closes #16731

Revert "fix(ext/websocket): make try_send ops infallible (#16454)" (#16743)

This reverts commit d76014192dbfd134794a6129e73f38645d7e6314.

fix(npm): automatically find binary entrypoint when values are all the same (#16735)

fix(install): deno install -f should overwrite lockfile from previous installation (#16744)

test: disable commandChildUnref flaky test (#16752)

fix(inspector): ensure console methods provided by inspector are available (#16724)

Reland "perf(ext/flash): optimize response streaming" (#16660)

Merge branch 'main' into feat/server-ws-over-h2

Created at 2 months ago
delete branch
AaronO delete branch fix/2910
Created at 2 months ago
issue comment
npm axios doesn't set http headers

This is fixed in deno_std main, by https://github.com/denoland/deno_std/pull/2898, so it'll be fixed in the next release

Created at 2 months ago


Created at 2 months ago
issue comment
fix(node/http): allow setting statusMessage
❯ cat got.js
import got from 'npm:got';
const res = await got("https://httpbin.org/anything").json();

~/git/deno_std fix/2910*
❯ DENO_NODE_COMPAT_URL="file://$(pwd)/node" deno run --allow-net ./got.js
  args: {},
  data: "",
  files: {},
  form: {},
  headers: {
    Accept: "application/json",
    "Accept-Encoding": "gzip, deflate, br",
    "Accept-Language": "*",
    Host: "httpbin.org",
    "User-Agent": "got (https://github.com/sindresorhus/got)",
    "X-Amzn-Trace-Id": "Root=..."
  json: null,
  method: "GET",
  origin: "...",
  url: "https://httpbin.org/anything"
Created at 2 months ago


Created at 2 months ago
pull request opened
fix(node/http): allow setting statusMessage

Fixes #2910

Created at 2 months ago
create branch
AaronO create branch fix/2910
Created at 2 months ago

feat(streams/merge): earlyZipReadableStreams (#2264)


Co-authored-by: kitsonk kitsonk@users.noreply.github.com

chore: update code format (#2278)

refactor: replace TS private with private identifiers (#2272)

docs(async): use top-level await in tee docs (#2280)

test: fix unhandled promises in test cases (#2281)

docs(testing): improve docs of assertThrows and assertRejects (#2282)

fix: put TextLineStream CR handling behind option (#2277)

chore(node): ignore test-net-socket-close-after-end.js on darwin (#2285)

test(async): use generic assertRejects in pool_test.ts (#2287)

Fixes a deprecation warning. Resolves https://github.com/denoland/deno_std/issues/2283

fix: assertSnapshot errors on empty snapshot in non-update mode (#2269)

fix(node): type checking on AsyncResource (#2289)

feat: add media_types (#2286)

feat(crypto): add fnv algorithms (#2200)

Co-authored-by: Yoshiya Hinosawa stibium121@gmail.com

CI: Add License header check (#2292)

Co-authored-by: Yoshiya Hinosawa stibium121@gmail.com

chore(http/file_server): export interface for serveDir/serveFile (#2293)

Co-authored-by: Bartek Iwańczuk biwanczuk@gmail.com

docs(flags): fix typo (#2296)


refactor(http): file_server uses std/media_types (#2298)

BREAKING feat(http): improve type safety and docs for http_status (#2297)

STATUS_TEXT is now just a record object instead of a map, which provides more utility for less overhead.

Created at 2 months ago
Created at 2 months ago

drop recursion-only rta arg

Created at 2 months ago

llvm 15

Created at 2 months ago
pull request opened
chore: use Rust 1.65.0

Since it released as stable 2 weeks ago, there's a considerable amount of minor lints ...

Created at 2 months ago
create branch
AaronO create branch chore/rust-1-65-0
Created at 2 months ago

isH2Request: don't fail on flash reqs

Created at 2 months ago

flip h1/h2 check

Created at 2 months ago
pull request opened
feat(ext/http): websockets over h2

A first pass at supporting WebSockets over http/2 server-side.

A few notes & minor pending items:

  • Unclear how we should expose pseudo-headers like :protocol to userspace, I don't think there's precedent, since other pseudo-headers like :method, :path, :authority are mostly handled as one-offs and map to h1 semantics
  • We don't support ws-over-h2 client-side, making it a little more tedious to test
Created at 2 months ago
create branch
AaronO create branch feat/server-ws-over-h2
Created at 2 months ago